23/02 20:01. 1. Two operators, are truly diversified, the George Economou-controlled TMS/DryShips/Cardiff /Ocean Rig stable operates six different ship types and Dinos Martinos/Thenamaris, five, while the Tsakos group and Lou Kollakis / Chartworld / Charterwell each have four different ship types under their control. Greek shipowners are primarily involved in bulk / tramp shipping (Figure 8), which is an example of a sector with characteristics of perfect competition. List your company in the Greek Shipping Directory, Greek Shipowners Register and online www.greekshipping.gr. A W Ship Management. Advertise Africa Express Line. This does not include the vessels inn Frangou’s South American logistics operation. Number 8860726. Maritime direcory for shipowners and managers. Greece has been a maritime city since ancient times, so it’s no surprise that most of the Greek shipping companies in London are family-owned businesses that have been in existence for several decades.. According to Lloyd’s List, Greek shipowners control about 20% of … Serious COVID-19 cases continue to fill up Greek public hospital … Die Liste von Reedereien bietet einen weltweiten Überblick über Reedereien und Unternehmen, die in der Bereederung (Synonym: Schiffsmanagement) tätig sind.. Reedereien betreiben Binnen-, Küsten-und/oder Seeschifffahrt.Sie betreiben Linienschifffahrt (nach Fahrplan) und/oder Trampschifffahrt (Bedarfsschifffahrt).. Für eine Liste von Konsortien siehe Konsortium (Seefahrt). Greek shipping continues to be at the top of the world, despite the economic crisis that continues to plague Greece. Seatrade Maritime Middle East Virtual 2020, CMA CGM to pioneer LNG-powered containerships on the transpacific, Singapore grants third LNG bunkering license to Total Marine Fuels, WinGD launches four new versions of X72DF engine, Port of Hamburg cargo volumes down 7.6% in 2020, Asia – Europe container freight rates fall economy concerns, Oriental Energy quits LPG shipping market, Adaptability is key, ‘but we will not work for free’ – CMA CGM chief Saade, Smaller shippers bear brunt of soaring container contract rates. Seatrade Maritime is part of the Informa Markets Division of Informa PLC. At the same time there are 59 Greek fleets of 20-ships or more, down five on 12 months ago, but up eight on the number, pre-crisis. Greece is a maritime nation by tradition, as shipping is arguably the oldest form of occupation of the Greeks and has been a key element of Greek economic activity since ancient times. Informa PLC's registered office is 5 Howick Place, London SW1P 1WG. The largest fleet is the Navios / Angeliki Frangou stable which runs 201 vessels of 19.4m dwt. Further, 14 of the 20-plus fleets are listed in New York or contain arms which are. Subscription Includes: Read more: John Angelicoussis retains crown as Greece's largest shipowner. China - with Chinese company Cosco operating the port of Piraeus - is threatening to overtake Greek dominance of the seas, said Lloyds, with 12 percent of the Top 100 compared to Greece’s 14 percent and building its fleet of commercial ships fast. Tuesday, Feb 23, 2021. Copyright © 2021. Allied Shipbroking calculations put the funds spent by Greek shipowners for the acquisition of over 65 vessels to almost 900 million dollars in the January-March period, out of a total of 414 used ocean-going ships sold in that quarter. 6. Anglo Eastern (UK) Ltd. Anglo International Shipping Operations Atlantic Offshore Rescue Ltd. B. Bibby Line Group Ltd. Boston Putford Offshore Safety Ltd. BP Shipping Ltd. Britannia Aggregates Ltd. British Antarctic Survey. Recent research by Ernst & Young indicates that 48% of Greek shipowners would consider relocating to London. Greece’s Civil Aviation Authority has added the United Kingdom (UK) to the list of non-EU countries from which citizens are allowed entry to Greece as of 7. Greek shipowners were able to exploit the opportunities offered in the United States better than did their main competitors, the Norwegians, who were handicapped by their state’s decision to restrict and finally prohibit purchase of foreign vessels in 1949–1950. List with all companies, owners, ship names and dates from Greek shipowners who provide services for Iran. At the same time there are 59 Greek fleets of 20-ships or more, down five on 12 months ago, but up eight on the number, pre-crisis. List with all companies, owners, ship names and dates from Greek shipowners who provide services for Iran. Greek shipowners remained at the top of the chart for buyers of second-hand ships over the first quarter of the year. List of Shipping Companies in Greek Dash September 6, 2018 Container Leave a comment 308 Views The job of a shipping company involves a considerable amount of responsibility and trustworthiness, as shipping companies from Greece ensure the safe transport and delivery of … Lloyd’s List Names 15 Greeks Among World’s Top 100 Influential People in Shipping. Comprising mostly small and medium- sized, privately-owned / family businesses, Greek shipping is very flexible and adaptable to changing economic environments and trade flows. Angelicoussis ranks first among Greek shippers and eight in the world ranking. Alphabetical list (Who is Who) of Individual Greek Ship Owners, Managers, Directors, Superintendents and Senior Executives with full details of their contact office. Brittany Ferries. Further, there are 218 gas ships in the fleets of Greece’s biggest players up 84 over the 12 months in the group and 420 container ships, up 60 in the year, two trade sectors in which the Greek presence is growing quickly. Below is the list with the 40 greatest Greek ships owners, regarding the dwt: Tags. The president of the Greek Shipowners Association for Passenger Ships (SEEN), Michael Sakellis, was honored with the title of “Greek Shipping Newsmaker of the Year” at the first virtual edition of the Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Awards for 2020.. The list of Greek ship owners also includes Peter Georgiopoulos (69 th), owner of Olympiakos football club Vangelis Marinakis (73 rd), Simeon Palios (77 th), Petros Pappas (80 th), Yiannis Platsidakis (83 rd), Dimitris Melisanidis (94 th) and Haralambos Fafalios (96 th). Source: Lloyd's List All rights reserved. Greek shipowners in Iranian service 0 Comment Iran Regime Sanctions While the US sanctions imposed on Iran have managed with the cooperation of most EU countries to take their toll on the Iranian regime, there is a group of Greek shipowners that acts as if they really don’t care. 4. 3. Some interesting points. Various firms connected with Greek shipping. Calling the emergency contact number provides a quick and effective way to speak directly to a duty Shipowners’ claims handler in the event of an incident or casualty involving an entered vessel. Registered in England and Wales. London Branch +44 203 829 5858: Singapore Branch +65 8683 3190 . Navios is ahead of the fast expanding Petros Pappas-led Star Bulk Carriers’ 144 ships. The Club has come a long way since 1855. Piraeus, Greece. Fourteen Greek ship-owners and shipping senior managers are included in Lloyd's List with the 100 Top Businessmen in the world. A drop in the bucket. It’s completely free. +30 210 4180340 (fax), Add your company Greeks were also the biggest group, in terms of ethnicity on the list; next were the Chinese shipowners, with twelve of the most influential individuals. Greek shipowners donate 20 ambulances to EKAV and two 2 to police. 8. Legal notice Isologoismoi. It is well recognised that when it comes to sea transportation Greek shipowners are among the leading players in most sectors. We started life with 221 ships at 58,228 GRT; this figure has grown substantially over the last 160 years to 32,008 vessels at 23,579,295 GT. Shipping costs, +30 210 4521839 7. All rights reserved. Port worker vaccination and boxship queues highlighted at US Maritime Transportation sub-committee. Copyright © 2021. All but four of these fleets are among the tonne millionaires. Six fleets top 100 units including the Piraeus port services group Spanopoulos Bros with some 108 units. INMARSAT numbers (world fleet). The Union of Greek Shipowners underlines the urgent need to normalize repatriation and crew replacement procedures Piraeus, 13.7.2020. 12 months FREE access to our Internet Online Database www.greekshipping.gr. January 2021. This year marks 160 years for the Shipowners’ Club. The vessel Eurostrength has shuttled at least two other cargoes of Venezuelan crude vis ship-to-ship transfers off Malaysia to China. During office hours the emergency number will redirect to the relevant corresponding office switchboard. The selective targeting of the six vessels was viewed as a warning to Greek shipowners who collectively transported about 80% of sanctioned Venezuelan crude. Today, shipping is the country's most important industry worth $21.9 billion in 2018. At 43d was the President of the Greek Shipowners' Union, Theodore Veniamis, who also jumped up 14 places on the list. Seventeen of the group are either fully, or partly, listed on the stock exchanges of the US. Copyright 2021 Greek Shipping Publications | All Rights Reserved |. List your company in the Greek Shipping Directory, Greek Shipowners Register and online www.greekshipping.gr. The Print edition contains: Greece has recently overtaken Japan as the top owning country, ordering a large number of vessels since … https://www.seatrade-maritime.com/sites/all/themes/penton_subtheme_seatrade_maritime/images/logos/footer.png. Eighteen of the Greek operators operate one ship-type fleets, tankers, bulkers, container ships, LNG carriers and vehicle carriers. With the pandemic continuing to spread around the globe, the need for uninterrupted operation of international shipping, which serves 80% of world trade, remains a fact of vital importance. Seatrade, a trading name of Informa Markets (UK) Limited. This site is operated by a business or businesses owned by Informa PLC and all copyright resides with them. Fifteen Greek shipowners and executives were included in the prominent 2018 LLoyds List of the 100 most powerful personalities in global shipping. This is reflected in the fact that there are 72 Greek ownerships currently operating fleets of over 1m dwt each, the same number as 12 months ago, though two companies have slipped out to be replaced by two. It’s completely free. In all, the 20-plus fleet operators run 3,091 ships of a total dwt just short of 290m. Shipowners and Operators. TheShipsList, where you can find passenger lists, fleet lists, shipping schedules, ship descriptions, wreck data, and other information which is not readily available online. Informa Markets, a trading division of Informa PLC. 2. A. It’s completely free. The selective targeting of single-purpose, shipowning shelf companies was viewed as a warning to the wider community of Greek shipowners who collectively transported 80% of sanctioned Venezuelan crude until then. The decision is due to Brexit in full effect since Jan 1. List of Names for each company. The John Angelicoussis-controlled Maran stable is the largest in capacity with 26.27m dwt and has the third largest fleet, 133 units. All Greek or Greek-owned Shipowning Companies, the Vessel/s Owned by each Company plus name of contact Office in Greece or elsewhere with full details. Big ships are joining the big fleets as average size of the additional ship is 112,545 dwt up from 101,640 dwt last time round and just over 98,000 dwt in 2017. As the list goes on, Giorgos Prokopiou is in fourth place, with Dynacom Tankers, Dyanagas and Sea Traders groups with 112 ships of 13.9 million dwt. 5. According to data from the biggest global ship-broker company Clarkson’s, the top Greek ship-owners who stand out in the international shipping industry are: John Angelicoussis ’ companies include Anangel, Maran Tankers and Maran Gas, and comprise 114 vessels with 20,581,974 dwt and 12,088,789 gt. Greece and Japan dominate in terms of USD value. List your company in the Greek Shipping Directory, Greek Shipowners Register and online www.greekshipping.gr. CD-ROM (provides all data with additional vessels' details, various printouts, etc.). +30 210 4521859 Greek shipowners have long argued that their industry is too special to tax.
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